Yes. Although we believe there is much more to culture than etiquette and protocols, we recognise the importance of demonstrating goodwill through this knowledge. We offer workshops that give you the whole picture of your destination country, including a brief history, country background, cultural values, communication styles, protocols and customs. These are the tools you need to succeed abroad- Get in touch to learn more.

Cross-cultural training usually refers to training that involves increasing awareness about two or more cultures, perhaps where the trainee is moving from one culture to another and the training will focus on home and host cultures.

Intercultural training often refers to training which increases awareness between a number of different cultures, perhaps where the trainee will be managing a culturally varied group or where the different cultures are present working together in the same workplace or represented among the client base and focuses on increasing awareness and value of the other cultures. Please contact us to determine what content and outcome of training should entail for your trainees.

First, we ask questions to identify your goals and solidify the outcomes you want to see and how we will measure that success. Language Matters then designs strategies, training plans, mentoring programmes etc to meet those goals and build a relationship with you and your stakeholders. The entire process can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Contact us for an initial appointment.

At Language Matters, we believe that focusing on grammar at first is simply not the way to go. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn grammar at all but that it is introduced gradually and in moderation.

No! We do everything to make sure that you do not find yourself in such a situation. A real advantage of our Beginners courses is that we distinguish between learners who have some previous knowledge and those who are total beginners. This ensures that you remain motivated to learn!

Conversational skills play a very important part and having plenty of opportunity to speak is fundamental to any course. This advantage reflects in the motto for our Adult and VCE courses as well as our private tutorials: “Find your voice”. However, grammar plays an important part in mastering any language and cannot be ignored.

However, you will not have to memorise declension and conjugation patterns, vocabulary lists, and other grammatical rules as these essentially a medieval methods of teaching languages based on rote learning have been particularly successful at making people hate learning foreign languages, and particularly unsuccessful at making people fluent in foreign languages.

Yes, we do not run larger classes on principal. As soon as more than ten people have enrolled, we create a waiting list or start a new group. Small groups mean that each person has plenty of opportunity to speak and that the tutor can respond to your individual needs. This guarantee also applies to both our adult courses and VCE courses.

New courses start in the beginning of each term. In most cases, you can join an existing group right away.  Before recommending a course, we always take the time to find out about your personal goals and linguistic requirements to ensure you are placed in a course that suits your language proficiency and where you would benefit most.

No. However, we ask that you take a spoken and written placement test in order to clarify your goals and determine your level. Our greatest concern is that you feel comfortable in your course to ensure maximum chance of progressing.  Based on your placement test results, we propose a course level in which you will feel neither under-challenged nor over-stretched. If, during the course, you feel that the learning pace is too slow or too fast, your teacher can always move you to a more suitable level.

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