Language plays a central role in life. It provides a vehicle for communication, a tool for thinking, a means of creativity and a source of pleasure. An understanding of language and the ability to use it effectively gives you access to knowledge, enables you to play an active part in society and contributes to your personal growth. At Language Matters, we take pleasure in offering language services that are intended to maximise your contact with both language and culture. Language Matters strives for excellence in all aspects of our programmes and services, which will help make your time with us well spent. We offer private tuition, short courses and corporate training combining traditional and contemporary teaching methods for English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. All tutors employed by Language Matters are native speakers or are of native speaker fluency with extensive experience in language instruction and cross cultural awareness, and combine language learning with appropriate cultural aspects. Improving your language skills provides the essential foundation needed to communicate effectively, increase employment opportunities, improve examination results, enhance your overseas travel experience and enrich personal development.

Let fluency in language open doors to an exciting future!