Language Matters’ approach concerning elocution and accent elimination commences with assessing expectations by asking how learners would imagine themselves to sound, e.g. accent of a favourite role model etc.

This will be followed by establishing the learners’ phonemic awareness and accessing their ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds.

Pronunciation, tempo, intonation and voice production form part of the learning process, returning to phonemics and stripping the sounds of English back to the basics, providing sound exercises, songs, and similar listening exercises in order to focus on the key areas the learner wishes to change.

Sessions comprise of pronunciation correction on commonly used words by practicing rhymes and songs to focus on key sounds as well as reading aloud with the aid of audio books and voice recording to analyse progress. It is recommended that learners implement two 90 minute, or 120 minute session into their schedule twice weekly, with additional autonomous work amounting to a total of five hours of intensive English in order to achieve visible results.

Language Matters provides the tools and will guide learners in the right direction. However, progress can only be achieved if learners are committed to creating new habits, and are prepared to persevere.

Elocution and Accent Elimination is available from an intermediate to an advanced level.

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