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The International Baccalaureate Diploma is a comprehensive two-year curriculum that allows students to fulfil requirements of various national education systems. IB diploma holders are admitted to universities in more than 110 countries. It is regarded by VTAC as equivalent to the VCE for tertiary selection purposes.

Language Matters offers tutorial services and external teaching services for languages taught as part of the International Baccalaureate. There is a high demand for language teaching of the the International Baccalaureate amongst schools throughout Melbourne who offer the Diploma Programme as well as the Middle Years Programme. Language Matters is in a position to offer highly qualified teachers for the IB A, IB B and Ab Initio program.

Since 2006, Language Matters has provided external teachers and tutors to both campuses of Wesley College, to Carey Baptist Grammar School, as well as St Leonard’s College. In liaison with the IB coordinators of the schools, the curriculum is designed in accordance with the IBO requirements and followed meticulously to ensure best outcomes for students choosing to study languages that the school may not offer, otherwise. Our teachers partake in national as well as international IB PD sessions frequently, ongoing training is provided externally on a regular basis through workshops and in-house training to keep up-to-date with educational changes, the curriculum and the latest developments to the DP and MYP.

IB All Languages

  • IB A HL/SL
  • IB B HL/SL
  • IB Ab Initio

Our affiliations

  • Carey Baptist Grammar School
  • Wesley College
  • St Leonard’s College
For a list of schools in Victoria offering the IB programme, please follow the link