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The key to effective tuition is communication between the student and the tutor. A particularly flexible and intensive course form, private tuition enables us to provide for your specific requirements in the most effective way possible. You determine the learning pace and create the syllabus, to a wide extent. Moreover, there are almost no “impossible” lesson times. Those who have irregular working hours or cannot commit to our course timetable benefit from the flexibility of tuition times.

Private tuition is especially suited to individuals seeking rapid results, for exam preparation, business language courses, and for travellers seeking to quickly acquire a new host language or brush up on skills they already have. It is also ideal for students needing additional private tutoring.

Language Matters’ private tuition commences with an assessment of your language proficiency to ensure time is not wasted going over material that you are already comfortable with. Our experienced tutors will use a variety of subject knowledge questioning techniques to make these assessments, and will integrate the process seamlessly into the session’s activities.

Private tutoring works because it meets the needs of the student, and focuses on addressing the specific problems that they may have with the subject. No disruption, no distractions, just pure learning.

Your private tuition will be an interactive discussion, with questions from the learner being answered, and the tutor constantly gauging and assessing the student’s knowledge and understanding of the language, reinforcing and embedding the learning. The aim is to come away from your tutorial and feel more confident and positive about the topics covered and to start performing at higher levels on objective measures like tests and assessments.

Parents and teachers of primary and secondary level students should see a marked improvement in their child’s performance; whether in class participation, or the general efficiency with which they complete homework tasks and assignments, as well as overall levels of enjoyment when performing various school task.