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  • www.ibo.org  The International Baccalaureate site offers information on Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme or Diploma Programme, as well as resources for teachers, coordinators, parents, and students.
  • www.vcaa.vic.edu.au  – VCE studies and resources with an index to each study provides excellent information for students and teachers as well as past and sample exams
  • www.vsl.vic.edu.au/ The Victoria School of Languages is a government school which complements the provision of languages in mainstream schools by providing classes in over 40 languages. It also offers distance education courses in approximately 10 languages to secondary students who do not have access to language programs in their mainstream schools for reasons such as remoteness, medical disability and travel. Check for availability in your language.
  • www.communitylanguagesaustralia.org.au/ Community Languages Schools provide language education programs that are complementary to those provided by mainstream schools and the Victorian School of Languages (VSL). Community Languages Schools provide classes to students from Prep to Year 12 (depending on the language) outside mainstream school hours; i.e. after school or on weekends.
  • www.mltav.asn.au/ Modern Language Teachers´ Association of Victoria provides great resources, information and ideas for language learning and teaching.
  • www.sbs.com.au/yourlanguage/ SBS languages, where you can find information about radio and television programs and podcasts in your language.
  • www.languageperfect.com – More than 300,000 students, teachers, travellers, business people and families using Australasia’s most popular web-based language vocabulary tool. You can learn vocabulary or compete in the Language Olympics in 11 languages.
  • www.enchantedlearning.com/languages – Great source of educational materials, topics and language activities for little learners, emphasizing creativity, learning and enjoyment.
  • www.pdictionary.com – Loaded with activities like flashcards and word scramble in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • www.dict.leo.org A quick translation device which translates from English into most European languages. This constantly updated online translation device is certainly worth bookmarking due to its speed and range. Warning: LEO does not translate entire phrases! For the time being, please refer to your flesh and blood translators for accurate translation of expressions and phrases!
  • www.duolingo.comThis is a free app and website to practice many languages like French, German and Spanish
  • www.dictionary.babylon.com  – Get definitions, translations and more from the largest collection of online dictionaries on the web.
  • www.wordlayer.comWord Layer is a new IPhone app and website for vocabulary learning, using photos to help make words memorable.
  • www.languageint.com.au is a bookshop with collections in a wide variety of languages and a very personal approach to customer service.
  • www.gutenberg.org – Project Gutenberg offers over 45,000 e-books in many languages and no fee or registration is required.

German resources:

  • http://www.agtv.vic.edu.au – The AGTV (Association of German Teachers of Victoria Inc) offers excellent resources and information for teachers and students of German as well as useful materials and fun activities for the teaching and learning of German.
  • http://www.deutschunddeutlich.de – 750 Arbeitsblätter für den Deutschunterricht zu Grammatik, Rechtschreibung, Aufsätzen, Literatur und Arbeitstechniken
  • http://www.lehrerfreund.de/schule/1s/unterrichsmaterial-deutsch – Hier findet man Informationen für Lehrer rund um Schule und Unterricht in Form des Lehrer-Magazins  mit tollen Lehrertipps und Unterrichtsmaterialien.
  • http://vs-material.wegerer.at/deutsch – Ausgezeichnete Quelle für kostenlose Lehr- und Lernmaterialien von und für LehrerInnen
  • Das Sprachenportal  Get the definitions for single words, expressions and phrases with this German dictionary look-up.
  • www.enchantedlearning.com/languages/German2dictionary – a fun German Picture Dictionary. When clicking on a picture or an underlined word you’ll link to a web page related to it.
  • www.dw.de – Deutsche Welle offers a unique way to learn German whilst listening to the latest from culture, business and politics with “slowly-spoken news “. The “Top-Thema with Vocabulary” is also very popular among language learners. Moreover, the site provides teachers with a wide range of excellent instructional resources.
  • www.deutscheinmelbourne.net – Best local contacts for Germans in Australia

French resources:

  • http://www.wordreference.com   – A great online dictionary that gives you the translation according to the context
  • http://www.lepointdufle.net  – A website for French only with great resources for grammar (both exercices and lessons)
  • – https://lesilesenfle.wikispaces.com/BIENVENUE  – This one is really great, it is divided by level and gives a series of units with lessons
  • www.radiofrance.fr – Radio France Info: L’info au plus près de l’info
  • www.ccdmd.qc.ca/fr – Amélioration du français, a site full of notes and interactive exercises for French improvers, intermediate to advanced level, includes materials on writing for specific purposes and vocabulary games.
  • www.culturetheque.org.uk – Culturethèque is the digital platform of the Institut français of the UK. It offers free online content including documentaries, audiobooks, conferences, and many ebooks. Much of the filmed content is made at the Institute, where talks, concerts and plays are recorded and put online.
  • www.realfrench.net – Free online French-teaching resources including interactive vocabulary games, grammar notes, interactive exercises and many links to additional resources and information.
  • www.phonetique.free.fr/indexphonvoy.htm – Phonétique, a site with exercises to learn how to distinguish between sounds, as well as games to help you practise the sounds and rhythms of the French language.
  • www.tv5.org – Télévision francophone internationale – French only
  • http://www.francophonie.org – Agence de la Francophonie – discover the extent of the IOF’s vitality and wealth, its wide ranging cultures and French accents and its partner languages
  • www.mftinc.org – Le Théâtre Français de Melbourne (Melbourne French Theatre Inc.)

Dutch resources:

  • www.dutchlanguage.com.au – The Association of Dutch Teachers of Victoria Inc (ADTV) has recently changed its name to “Dutch Language in Australia Inc” or ‘DLA’ in short. Great resouces for learners and teachers alike.
  • www.heardutchhere.net -This site offers resource material and handy pronunciation tips for Dutch. You can also read about Holland (‘The Netherlands’) – about the land, the people, the history and the ‘culture’ (including recipes.)
  • www.learndutch.org– Dutch Online courses with links to other sites, including ‘The History of Dutch in the World’
  • www.2bdutch.nl- This non- profit website 2BDutch (to be Dutch) contains Dutch videos with subtitles in different languages. An easy and fun way to learn more about Dutch language and culture.
  • http://learnpractice.com – Great source for 800+ free Dutch language exercises
  • www.languagetrav.com/dutch/index.shtml – Dutch pronunciation, phrases and expressions, grammar and more
  • http://www.dbnl.org – Digitale bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse letteren – in Dutch only
  • www.kidon.com/media-link/nl.php – newspapers and news sources from the Netherlands- a collection of links
  • www.wereldschool.nl/ib-dutch The International Baccalaureate – If your son or daughter is enrolled in an IB programme at their international school and wishes to choose Dutch as one of their six IB subjects, you may find this site useful – Dutch and English

 Italian resources:

Spanish resources:

Portuguese resources:

  • Swiss Club: www.swissclubvictoria.com – The Swiss Club of Victoria was founded in1899 and serves as a home away from home for Swiss immigrants. Discover a piece of Switzerland in the heart of Melbourne CBD and enjoy traditional Swiss culture and hospitality in a unique setting.
  • Austrian Club: www.austrianclubmelbourne.com.au – The Austrian Club Melbourne, founded in Heidelberg West in 1944 and dedicated to maintaining Austrian culture and traditions (and cuisine).
  • German Club: www.germanclubtivoli.com.auThe German Club Tivoli in Melbourne Australia is one of the largest German Cultural Organizations and home of ethnic Germans in Melbourne and Victoria.
  • French Club: www.mufrench.wordpress.com  – The Melbourne University French Club (MUFC) consists primarily (though, not exclusively) of students with an interest in the French language and culture. Anyone who loves the French language, wine, food, fashion, literature, cinema and general mode de vie or is keen to become enamoured with this culture is welcome. You do not need to be a MU Student nor studying French to join.
  • Dutch Club: www.abeltasmandutchclub.com – The Dutch Club – Abel Tasman is a place where people can socialise with more than 750 social members of not only Dutch background but Australian, Greek, English and many other nationalities. On Saturdays, live entertainment can be enjoyed. The kitchen sells hot food and the bar is busy from the beginning to the end of the night. The club’s atmosphere could be described as ‘typically Dutch’- friendly, fun and unique!
  • Italian Club: www.onlymelbourne.com.au/melbourne_details.php?id=60418#.U3guhYJ-_IU – click on this link to find out more about Melbourne’s Italian Clubs
  • Spanish Club: www.thespanishclub.com.auThis Johnston St institution is the heart of Melbourne’s Spanish community, hosting social and cultural events, and telecasts, plus November’s Johnston St Fiesta.
  • Portuguese Club: www.soldeportugal.com – Sol de Portugalpromotes Portuguese culture, music and folk-dance, offers great Portuguese food, drinks and sweets, frequently has events and is open Sundays between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm for social activities.