Cross-cultural training at Language Matters 

  • Cultural Orientation program for corporate purposes
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Global Integration

Intercultural awareness, opens up new opportunities and gives you personal, professional, social, and economic advantages that you might never have encountered otherwise. Language Matters’ aim is to help you learn about and experience the culture that exists behind language. This broader knowledge will develop your understanding and use of language when communicating in a multi-cultural environment.

At Language Matters a variety of training methods are utilised to introduce language and culture in a fun and interactive way. Incorporating an insight into another country, you will have the opportunity to better understand different cultures, leading to the unique opportunity of seeing yourself and your own culture from an outside perspective.

At Language Matters, learners will have the opportunity to develop their language skills by looking at topics of interest and relevance for their particular age group, including; family, sports, entertainment, holidaying, travel, history etc. Learners are exposed to inquiry-based, hands on learning, and most will be surprised by how much they have learnt about the language and culture by the end of each term.

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